WCW Superbrawl VIII Review!

Starrcade 1997 was WCW's largest grossing PPV. It had 'THE' hottest build in wrestling at the time, with Sting not wrestling for 18 months as he surveyed the nWo running roughshod over the WCW roster. Finally, Sting swooped down and confronted Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and the match was set; Sting vs. Hogan at Staarcade for Hogan's WCW World Heavyweight Championship. The buzz was palpable and the fan interest soared. And they messed it up. Sting surely had to win - the perfect pay off to the 18 month build. However, a company famed for not being able to do anything the easy way, didn't book it the easy way. Inspired by the signing of Bret Hart, fresh from the Montreal Screwjob, WCW decided to us

WWF WrestleMania XI Review!

WrestleMania X really does have a lot to answer for. To give us a show that good with the bare-bones roster they had to play with gave us all false hope. In reality, WrestleMania XI was a far more realistic show with the roster they had. The cracks that WrestleMania X had done so well to paper over, were now bared for everyone to see and wider than ever. Built around a feud between an NFL player and perennial WWF midcarder Bam Bam Bigelow, the show certainly had main stream buzz, and Pro Wrestling Illustrated even labelled this the WrestleMania that saved the WWF. However, looking at the other matches on the card, the lack of star power, the abundance of ridiculous and childish gimmicks that


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