WWF In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede Review!

Canada is Bizzarro Land. That's right isn't it? At least, this is what we have been told countless times by WWF Commentary teams throughout the years. However, here, during this PPV show, Canada's allegiance to their beloved Hart Family, caused the WWF to do some very on-the-fly booking. Heading into this PPV, The newly reformed Hart Foundation had been pushed as heels throughout all of their programs, stemming from the double-turn during the Brett and Austin match at WrestleMania 13. However, no matter what the Harts did, or how hard the heels did heel, Canada would not boo their home town heroes. So rather than fight it, the WWF embraced it, plastering the show with imagery of the hated be

WWF In Your House 1: Premiere Review!

After a less than stellar WrestleMania and in response to WCW putting out more PPVs, WWF decided that the best thing to do moving forward was to finally move away from the 5 PPVs a year and move to a monthly schedule. But what would be the gimmick of these PPVs? We all know how Vince McMahon loves a gimmick or a hook to his shows, so what would it be? How about shows that go less than two hours so rather than charging the typical $19.95, we only charge $14.95? Actually, that sounds like a really good idea, it means that fans won’t get burnt ou... AND WE SELL A GOODAMN HOUSE! Wait, what? Yep, the hook of this show was that you could win a holiday home in Orlando. And though this would be a on

WWF Survivor Series 1993 Review!

So Survivor Series in the early to mid 90s was a completely different kettle of fish to the product we have now right!? Take the last 3 Survivor Series shows, The entire PPV was based around Brand Supremacy and the fact this is the only time of the year where the two brands would meet. We had Champion vs. Champions matches and Survivor Series matches that made sense in kayfabe (even if the endings were beyond confusing!) In 1993 however, we open with Lex Luger wearing the most outrageously 90an jumper you will ever see, with his family in front of a roaring fire wishing us all a Happy Thanksgiving! ...I...I have no words! The truth is, Survivor Series in it’s early forms was synonymous with


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