NXT Takeover: In Your House Review!

When it was announced that NXT was reviving the In Your House theme for their upcoming Takeover show, I must admit I was a little torn; In Your House was a gimmick rooted heavily in the 90s and one that goes against everything the serious NXT stands for. Even back in the 90s, aside from the inaugural event in 1995, where an actual house was raffled off (and then sold again 6 months later, but let's not talk about that) the moniker of In Your House was merely a prefix with a cool set. However, despite it being dropped in 1999, never really being spoke of again and the earlier shows in the chronology being oft-derided and rightly so, the In Your House name has always held a place in the hearts

WWF Summerslam 1993 Review!

How do you replace Hulk Hogan? How do you replace an icon that has been the figurehead of your promotion for the better part of a decade? Is it by stuffing a midcarder that no-one really cares about into a bus that looks like the country of America shat it out after eating every apple pie existence? Forcing said midcarder to endure two months traversing the country on said bus to visit every man, woman and child to shake their hands, forcing a sense of plastic patriotism onto the public? If you think this is a terrible idea, congratulations, you are a rational thinker. If you agree with this, you are potentially one of the 4 people who pitched this to Vince McMahon in the first place, and yo


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