NXT Takeover: XXX Review!

A typically well done video package documenting the last 29 Takeovers worth of NXT history, stopping at some of the more notable moments welcomes us to Full Sail University. Vic Joseph, Corey Graves and Beth Phoenix are the commentary team tonight with Mauro Raunello unable to attend; we wish him all the best and hope he gets better soon. Full Sail looks fantastic, with three enormous video screen Xs adorning the entrance way, very reminiscent of WrestleMania 30! Match #1 - Finn Balor def. Timothy Thatcher The complete disparity in styles makes for an enjoyable match here, a match that is laid out as a showcase of the brutality of Thatcher. He targets all of Finn’s limbs with a variety of pa

WCW Great American Bash 1997 Review!

After a typically patriotic opening package comparing Page to the American working man and simultaneously hyping his Falls Count Anywhere Match with Macho Man Randy Savage, we are welcomed to Moline, Illinois by the commentary team of Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan and ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes. The team do their typical shill of the card, focusing solely on the double main event; the aforementioned Falls Count Anywhere match, and the WCW World Tag Team Championships match between the Champions The Outsiders, and the challengers, 13 time World Champion Ric Flair and the ‘Icon’ Roddy Piper - Surely Sting must be seething after hearing Heenan refer to Piper as such!? Match #1 - Ultimate

WWF Monday Night RAW RAW #1 13/01/93 Review!

We open with Shaun Mooney outside the Manhattan Center, welcoming us to the chilly streets of New York. Bobby Heenan attempts to enter but is informed by Mooney that he has been replaced by Rob Bartlett and can’t buy ticket as they’re sold out. Heenan is understandably livid, but not as livid as the people who now have to endure Rob Bartlett’s ‘commentary’ for the next few months. We are introduced straight away to the commentary team of Vince McMahon, Randy Savage and Rob Bartlett, who gives us a sliver of what we can expect from him by first mispronouncing the name Yokozuna (calling him Yokozooma) before going on to make reference to the ‘nappy’ he wears. Vince cuts him off with a subtle l

TNA Hard Justice 2009 Review!

We open with a video package for the ages, narrated by Stephen Hawking (apparently), who proceeds to explain the importance of DNA, all while splicing in footage of Matt Morgan who claims to be the DNA of TNA - a catchy name if truth be told, but doesn’t quite take away from the, at times, unbearably cheesy video package. Match #1 - Daniels def. Black Machismo Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Suicide, 'The Pope' D'Angelo Dinero & Amazing Red [X-Division #1 Contendership Steel Asylum Match] I love when #1 contendership matches are on PPVs; it makes what otherwise could be described as a throwaway match that little bit more important. The Steel Asylum was a novel conc


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